THE EXPLORER,  Work in Progress, 2020-

The Explorer is an interactive sound piece that consists in revealing a soundscape through light. Visitors enter a completely dark space, silent. They are given a torch, and invited to explore the soundscape with their light beam as they walk through.

This piece is about re-enchanting the world through technology, and how complex technological means can be used to create simple and magical collaborative experiences. It also explores the power of sound to create worlds, question our paradigm, foster imagination and communication between people.

The documentation shows the work in progress exhibited during the Royal College of Art WIP show in February 2020. This project is ongoing.

a collaboration with Kevin Walker, 2020.

Sound piece created for the launching of the first international year of sound. Played back through a multi-channel device, the soundscape travels through different acoustic zones.

Exhibited in La Sorbonne (Paris), it will soon be released online and displayed in more museums around Europe.


Chair Quartet is a collaboration between Arman Ataman, Zohar Divir, and Alexia Charoud. This interactive music project consists of four hand-crafted chairs that make sounds when being sat on, or interacted with. Each of the chairs has its own sonic identity, and works around a different movement. Those funny instruments can be played together to create absurd and always unique sound pieces !  The idea is to rethink the ways we interact with everyday-life objects, the ways objects interact, and the ways we interact with other people: this collaborative experience draws on the power of sound to bring people together, express themselves and listen to one another.

This work was presented at IRCAM Paris, and exhibited in Sonar Barcelona 2019.

Alexia Charoud

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